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Qiaonan CCVC 201105

Students from Qiaonan Primary School and United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA, @ Dover) competed in another Crazy-Cups Virtual Challenge.

Though both are located in Singapore, the students need not be physically located at the same location to compete.

With both schools having Sport-Stacking curriculum, we can look forward to more CCVC between the two schools.

If you or your schools are interested to take part in a group virtual challenge, just email us here and we will get one organized, no matter where you are!

Qiaonan CCVC 201102

It was a Crazy-Cups Virtual Challenge of a different kind.

No sub-7 seconds requirements. No videos to submit. It was as fun nonetheless.

When the challenge was first agreed between the instructors from both schools, students from Singapore's Qiaonan Primary School, and Normandale Elementary in Edina, MN, USA, first graded themselves according to the Crazy-Cups Grading Program to determine which color group they were to compete in. And in the weeks that followed, the kids from both schools put in lots of effort in improving their stacking skills, until at the end of February, the instructors graded them again. The results from both schools were merged and announced to the students in class.

Although the two groups of students never met or communicated with each other, the sense of competition was strong. The extra effort put in to improve the individual's timings were evident, with students showing as much as several seconds improvement over a short one month period.

If you or your schools are interested to take part in a group virtual challenge, just email us here and we will get one organized, no matter where you are!

New Colour Print Crazy-Cups!
New Colour Cups

 The new Color Print Crazy-Cups are in!

Launched during the Crazy-Cups Challenge in November 2009, each set comes with excellent quality carrier bag, also with colour print!

Check out our Products page for details!

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Crazy-Cups Virtual Challenge
Crazy-Cups Virtual Challenge

Crazy-Cups invited stackers from across different countries, and organised a "Crazy-Cups Virtual Challenge". Stacking from the comfort of their own homes, these stackers submitted their best time videos by deadline, and Simon Lee of Australia came up with the fastest time of 6.7 seconds.

Watch their videos here.

Get your Crazy-Cups!

200911_SpideyWhiteSmall.jpgFrustrated with your foam cups in your attempts to better your personal record for the Cycle Stack? Come buy our premium Crazy-Cups from our retail partners listed here! Timers, gaming pads and a wide range of Crazy-Cups designs available to enhance your stacking experience!

Want a Crazy-Cups event for your corporate, church or private functions? Just drop us an email here and we will get in touch with you.

Crazy-Cups is hiring!

Passionate about Sport-Stacking?

Want to get more involved in the Singapore Sport-Stacking scene?

Come join us!

Teach Crazy-Cups in classrooms, or gain the invaluable experience teaching en masse in a hall full of hundreds of students. Or simply join us as a part time assistant instructor if you are a poly student or university student during your term breaks.

Contact us, tell us a little bit about yourself, and leave us a contact number. We will get in touch with you.

Crazy-Cups Grading progam

Crazy-Cups have launched our latest Grading Program aimed at providing a structured grades to motivate stackers to keep improving their performance, celebrating the achievement of individual stackers, and providing a platform for stackers from all four corners of the world to meet and mingle.  Click here to find out more!

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